The Problem of Deafness

Did you know that we can generally treat deafness in young children, thus keeping them from a lifetime of not being able to hear properly? This wonder of the modern age is called a cochlear implant. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn good, and frankly, if you have a kid who is deaf or has severe hearing impairment and you don’t do everything you can to fix this problem, then you’re not a very good parent.

Astoundingly, some people have a problem with this, and those people tend to be deaf, or, apparently, Deaf. Yes, I guess they get the capital D when being spoken of as a culture.

Now it is true that there is a Deaf culture. They have their own languages, customs, traditions, heroes, etc. But it is also true that if you’re deaf, or severely hearing-impaired, you have a disability, and if we can cure, treat or prevent that disability, we should. This makes perfect sense to me. I feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to build a culture around your disability, but to talk about genocide, or other nonsense, when people suggest that just maybe, getting rid of the disability is a good idea, is a little strange, to say the least.


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