Comicon Update

I’m done with my one and only panel today. I do have one later tomorrow, and I’m trying to pick up one today. We shall see. The convention itself has been fun so far. I’ve seen lots of entirely-too-cute guys, done several panels, met a bunch of interesting people, and chatted with noted British actor, John Rhys Davies. I asked him how it was that he, an actor who was on British TV in the 1970s, was never on Doctor Who. He had this to say.

Honestly, I found the show to be absolutely attrocious. I wanted nothing to do with it. I’ve heard that the new series is better, but I haven’t bothered to watch it. I suppose that if I were on my death bed, and had nothing better to do, I might give it a try.

You gotta love that level of honesty! And now, a picture of the Lego Hall of Justice.




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