I ♥ the Future

Living here in the future is pretty damn awesome. Not only do we routinely carry around devices that grant us access to the sum-total of human knowledge and fit inside our pockets, but we also have the McRib. Yes, the future is pretty nice, and getting even better. Check out this.

I love everything about this concept. First, smart of Google to make it look cute and harmless. Second, I love the idea that the blind, the elderly, and people like me, who just never learned to drive, could soon have a self-driving car to take us where we need to go. I like the concept quite a lot. I think we’ll see it first with buses and the like, but I could easily see, ten years from now, having these zipping about on the road.

I don’t think we’d each own one, mind you. I could see some sort of communal car system, where you use an ap to order up a car and it comes to get you. I can see a modest (cheaper than taxis, which this concept will destroy), fee per use, or perhaps a monthly subscription fee. Either way, I think these are an excellent idea, and I can’t wait to have them on the roads.


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