A Very Obnoxious Video

Have a look.

Cute. Cute in that “not actually cute, but kind of twee and obnoxious” sort of way. Yes, it’s all Coke’s fault that you’re fat and unhealthy, you know. Why they’ve practically held you down at gunpoint and made you drink their product!

You know, no one, anywhere, drinks Coke for the nutritional value. Most people, myself included, drink Coke as a rare and occasional treat. I only drink full Coke maybe once a month or so. Now I do drink Diet Coke a lot. I drink that for the taste and the caffeine, since I don’t like coffee. But I’m not under the delusion that it’s actually healthy. I do think it’s healthier than drinking regular Coke, or any full-sugar drink, but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

So…yeah. Basically the thrust of this video is, “How dare Coke make a successful, popular product that people actually like! Those bastards!” It’s not particularly clever, nor creative, nor does it make its point well.


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