Well, That’s That

And here we have that time in every World Cup event where the US goes home in defeat. Yes, we were just beaten by Belgium (fucking Belguim!), by a score of 2 – 1.

I must say we have very little to be ashamed of here. We managed to get out of Group G, the so-called “Group of Death”. We beat long-time rivals, Ghana (seriously? How did Ghana end up being such a pain in our asses?), held our own against Portugal and almost won, and went down to defeat against Germany, but it was an honorable defeat.

As was this one. True, we didn’t have much possession, and we didn’t do much in the way of intimidating Belgium, but thanks almost entirely to the efforts of our goalie, Tim Howard, we managed to hold them off into extra time. Then after they scored two goals, we still managed to get one. It really was an amazing match and a great example of why I like watching soccer.

Next up, Brazil…again…but this time when we compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics. We won’t get the gold, but how sweet would it be to have simple bronze?


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