I Read the Series 8 Scripts So You Don’t Have To

So as you may or may not have heard, the scripts for the first five episodes of the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Who were leaked online. I managed to get my hands on them. I read almost everything in the first episode’s script and then skimmed the others. Here are my spoiler-free thoughts.

The first episode is quite strong. Yes, it’s got some silliness to it, but there is no doubt that by the end, we have a new Doctor, and he’s likely to be quite an interesting one.

The second episode was also quite strong, taking a new approach to an old problem.

The third was…well, the third is where I started skimming. It has its good points, and it may well film better than it reads, but it wasn’t great. The fourth and fifth both show some interesting potential.

For those who are wondering, yes, there is a series-long arc, and it might not be what you’re thinking it is. There are also some interesting involvements regarding a new recurring character, and I’m looking forward to seeing how those are resolved.

And…that’s it. That’s all I’m going to share, beyond the fact that I’m now looking even more forward to series 8, and our new Doctor.


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