The Growing Insanity

You might remember Sarah Palin. She was the governor of Alaska for part of one term, the Republican nominee for vice-president, and star of her own reality TV show. She’s also quite barking mad, and the face of that element of the Republican party (that very sizable element), that has no interest in actually governing. She proved that latter part yesterday by calling for Obama to be impeached.

This woman is depressingly delusional, and a big “fuck you” to John McCain for inflicting her on us. That alone was proof that he was unqualified to be president. But I digress. The point here is that Palin wants the president impeached and her official reasoning seems to be because of the children streaming across the border from various places in Central America. Not that the president has broken any laws (committed the “high crimes and misdemeanors” required by the Constitution), but that he’s somehow “let” these kids come across.

Well, let’s take her at her word and assume this is indeed the main problem. It still doesn’t make mention of any laws the president has broken, does it?

You know what? This was going to be a big long article refuting point-by-point the stupidity of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party wing of the GOP for even considering the idea of impeaching the president over “failing to secure our borders”. Ignoring the fact that by that logic, every president starting with Washington should have probably been impeached. But…you know, this is self-evidently bullshit, and given the way impeachment turned out for the Republicans last time, I kind of want to see them try it again. Plus I can think of little better way to alienate both the black and Hispanic votes for the next two generations than by impeaching the first black president over letting too many little brown children into the country.

So, fuck it. Bring it on. Give up on even pretending to govern, and instead tie up the Senate with this nonsense. Should be fun.


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