John McCain – Warmongering Buffoon

John McCain is a man I once respected. He seemed like a decent, moderate Republican. The sort that I might disagree with, but could still think highly of.

Then came the 2008 Presidential Election. That was when he pandered, shamelessly, to the worst aspects of the Republican party, and when it came time to make the most important choice of his political life, that of vice-president, he picked a clueless jackass who he’d only barely ever met or talked to. Since then he’s basically disintegrated ever further, and now has just become a warmongering buffoon, almost a parody of what he used to be.

His current suggestion is that we should start arming the Ukrainian military in their fight against Russia/Russian-backed revolutionaries. This comes in the wake of a Malaysian Airlines plane being shot down over Ukraine, apparently by the revolutionaries (on a side note, I’d hate to be the insurance company that covers MA right now). This idea is, to put it mildly, irresponsible and stupid.

Does McCain forget what generally happens when we fight proxy wars against Russia/the Soviet Union? It usually ends badly for pretty much everyone involved (here, here, here). Does he really think that further destabilizing an already unstable situation is really wise? Does he really believe that turning a brush fire into a firestorm is a good idea?

McCain is, in a word, a buffoon. We are lucky as hell he didn’t get elected in 2008, because if he did, we’d likely have troops not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Iran, Syria, and now possibly Ukraine, plus God knows how many other places. He wasn’t suited to be president. At this point, he’s not even suited to be a Senator. He’s barely suited to be dog catcher. I really hope that we change our senators soon.


3 Responses to “John McCain – Warmongering Buffoon”

  1. A. L. Luttrell Says:

    You don’t allow someone to kill Americans and it go unanswered, unless of course your name is Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

    • Chris Says:

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to with Clinton. I’m deeply unimpressed by our using drones willy-nilly to off basically anyone, including an American citizen who was only accused of a crime, but never convicted, or even charged, as well as his son (also an American citizen), who was killed in error. I also dislike the torture of American Jose Padilla during the Bush years, and the use of torture in general, as well as the way that Bush started a policy whereby we hold people indefinitely, without charge or trial. I REALLY dislike that Obama has continued this policy, though to be fair, he tried to close down Gitmo and Congress blocked every effort.

  2. Seth Says:

    i love the title, lol

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