Wherein the Employed Apply for Unemployment

Did you know that in the USA, unemployment insurance isn’t just there for you if you don’t have a job. No, it’s also there for you if you’re underemployed. In my case, I work less than 28 hours a week (sometimes less than 20), and pull in under $100 a week for income. It seems that qualifies me for about $161 a week in underemployment assistance for the next six-and-a-half months while I look for a better job.

This really is something that’s very helpful. *IF* I get it (and I haven’t been confirmed yet), it will remove a lot of pressure. Previously, I’d been planning to abandon my search for a good job on August first and take the first 40 hour a week thing I could get, even if it was only fast food. That’s how I ended up in my current situation, and I understandably didn’t want to go back to that. But I had expenses to meet, so…

But if I get this money, I’ll have some flexibility. I’ll continue to look for full-time work, but at least now I can do so with some ability to pay my bills, and I won’t have to jump on the first crappy job that comes my way.

So let’s hope that I do indeed qualify and that I can use this time well to get back to some cushy little office job somewhere. I’m too old to keep serving.


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