Hurray for Big Finish!


That’s generally a good headline, but in this case it’s an especially good one, for fifteen years ago today, Big Finish released “Sirens of Time”, the first Doctor Who audio. Well, their first, anyhow. There were some relatively decent ones made back in the day featuring the Third Doctor, the Fourth Doctor and the Sixth Doctor, but nothing on the level of what Big Finish started. Nothing that was intended to be a true continuation of the series, like this.

As part of their little anniversary celebration, Big Finish have set up a special page showing congratulatory notes from the likes of Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies. That same page includes the happy news that for today only, you can get “Sirens of Time” for $1.00 in download form, and you can get two other audios, plus a behind-the-scenes documentary, for free. Now that’s a good deal!

So head on over to their page and get yourself some audio goodness!


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