Yay, Arizona. Woo-hoo. Go, Us. Etc.

So yesterday the people of Arizona took two hours to execute someone. The process began at a bit before 2:00, and didn’t end until about two hours later when the person in question finally died. This was done in the name of everyone who lives in this state, so people like me have blood on our hands. Yay.

This was a case rather similar to that of what happened earlier this year where a man was basically tortured to death by Oklahoma. And just like in that case, it looks like a new set of lethal injection drugs were used to do the grim deed. Of course we don’t know the details of what drugs were used, since the state’s keeping that a secret and, for some bizarre reason, the courts are letting them do so. I believe the logic is that it would embarrass the company that provides the drugs. Well, tough shit. We still need to know what drugs are being used and who is making them.

Beyond that, if you’re the sort of person who reads this story, smirks and says, “Two hours of painful death? Just what he deserved!”, then you’re immoral scum, and I hope you never speak to me or contact me again. Seriously. Unfriend me on Facebook, stop reading my blog, and generally remove yourself form my life. If we’re going to have a death penalty, which I don’t think we should, but if we do, then it needs to be quick, clean and merciful as possible. Anything less not only damages the person being executed, but also frankly taints us all with the stench of evil, and should force us to ask how we’re any different from the person we just murdered.


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