Wherein I Qualify for Food Stamps…Yay?

Yeah, you read that right. I’m now eligible for food stamps. I was on them a couple of times before, during the early and late 1990s. I haven’t used them since about 1997, so this is an annoyance for me that I have to go back to them. I tried to get some years ago when I worked for Circle-K, but I made too much money, and again when I was unemployed in 2011 and 2012. In that case, the fact that I was attending school was a problem.

Well, I still have one (1) class that I need for graduation. Sadly, I have no money for it right now. I am therefore not attending school, and so I applied again, and I got approved. $189 a month. This is great, because what little money I have can now go toward paying my regular bills (which I decreased by $105 this week by dropping my cable service. I’d had it because of a bundle deal for internet), and not having to worry so much about paying for food.

So, yeah, it’s annoying that I have to go back on food stamps, but at least it means that I will save some money I would otherwise have to eat. Hopefully I’ll just find a better job soon and this slide into the lower-class will come to a halt.


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