Benefits Update

So I applied for food stamps recently, and qualified. Today I spent three hours (and a bit), at the DES office in order to fill out some last bits of paperwork and get my EBT card. Now that I have the card, I’ll actually have food stamps to use! This is a pretty great thing, because every dollar I don’t have to spend on food, I can spend on bills.

I also applied for underemployment compensation. That…didn’t go as well. Turns out I got denied. Why? Obamacare. Yes.

See, my employer is trying to avoid paying for insurance for the various employees who work for them. It’s a slimy, scuzzy, stupid thing to do, because from a purely pragmatic level, employers should want their employees to be healthy. But ignoring that for the moment, they’re also trying to avoid a fine for not providing us with insurance. This means making all employees part time and limiting us to no more than 28 hours a week.

Well, since I can’t have more than 28 hours a week (averaged out over a certain time period), it behooves me to make sure that the hours I work are ones where I can make a decent amount of money. A Tuesday morning shift, for example, is useless, because I might make maybe $20. If I can ditch it, so that my hourly average stays low, and then later pick up a shift where I can make much more money, like I did this weekend for Guardians of the Galaxy, then that’s to my benefit.

Sadly, the unemployment people don’t see it that way. I explained this as best as I could, but they denied me for refusing work, since I’d given away some shifts. They admitted that I had a good reason for doing so, but they still said it counted against me. So, oh, well.

I could in theory appeal but…naw. I think I’ll just let it go. I’m getting the food stamps, and that helps quite a lot. Between that and my newly-revised, stepped-up efforts at finding a better job, I’m sure things will be ok. In the meantime, at least I can eat.


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