So, What Are Your Thursday Lunch Plans?

Whatever they may be, please make sure they don’t include fast food. You see, fast food workers across the country are engaging in a one-day walkout in protest of low wages. Good for them! They’ve done this before, but this time there are also plans for civil disobedience.

Workers speaking to msnbc the week before Thursday’s strike were not able to confirm whether any acts of civil disobedience would take place. However, they referenced their willingness to do “whatever it takes” on several occasions.

“I don’t even know if that’s in the strategy,” said Darrell Roper, a New York-based Burger King employee, regarding the possibility of illegal activity. “All I can say is that we all came together and we all decided we’ll do whatever it takes to get $15.”

I say “Good”, or rather, “Good depending on how far it goes.” See, civil disobedience in the non-violent fashion (ie: refusing to leave an area or whatever), is a fine and acceptable practice. As long as there isn’t any “direct action” (ie: let’s blow shit up), then I have no problem with it, and I think it could indeed do a great job of getting attention where it needs to be.

So good luck to my brethren out there in the labor movement. I’ll be pulling for you guys, and I won’t be setting foot near any fast food places tomorrow!


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