Gay Marriage Everywhere I’ve Lived

Yesterday, Arizona hopped on the bandwagon, however involuntarily, and became the latest state to allow same-sex marriage. I’ve lived in, or spent an extensive amount of time in, Arizona, California, Alaska, Washington and Oklahoma. So…every state I’ve been in for more than a short amount of time now has gay marriage. You’re welcome. 😉

This leaves the question of how long it will be before the rest follow suit. I’m going to guess it won’t be long for much of the country. Wyoming is making it a thing next week, for example. So that’s good.

But there will be holdouts, and I’ll tell you where those holdouts will be: The Deep South, with the exception of Florida. Mississippi and Alabama especially are going to fight this to the bitter end. Why? You got me. I have no idea. It’s just that these are always the fail states in the fail part of the country. Sad, but true. Though, please, by all means prove me wrong.


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