Another One Gone

Yet another African dictator has been toppled. In this case, Blaise Compaore, 27 year long dictator of Burkina Faso, has gone down in a series of events that have been favorably compared to the Arab Spring.

From what I can tell, it looks like this bastard took power in the 1980s, following a coup, and was anti-Communist, so I’m sure we propped him up while he did miserable and unpleasant things to his people, because standing up for freedom is something we do only when convenient. He also kept company with Charles Taylor and Qaddafi, so…yeah. Hell, as recently as two months ago, this is what he was doing.


Hopefully Burkina Faso can move forward and have a better existence. It would be nice to have another African success story, as there are way too few currently.


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