Just Start Counting Them

I’m basically over the Ferguson, MO, shooting case. It was bad and sad, but it does sound like the police officer in question was justified in shooting the victim who was, in fact, reaching for the officer’s gun. You do that, and something bad will happen. That said, he was justified in shooting once. Why he felt the need to send five more bullets in to keep the first one company is something beyond me and certainly smacks of excessive force.

The Garner case in New York still pisses me off, however. That was an incident rapidly got out of control and shouldn’t have. The officers, who were interacting with someone who was committing a misdemeanor, should have simply ticketed him and walked off. There was never any need at all for any physical interaction.

These are two of the most recent cases where the police have killed someone, but that’s two out of…how many? We don’t know for sure. Turns out that, hilariously, the government doesn’t keep any real records about this.

I think it’s a fairly simple thing to say that we should keep those records. Whether you think these killings were completely justified or terrible wrongs, you should still want to know the basic information of “how many of these killings have there been?”

Once we have that data, maybe then we can start changing things.


One Response to “Just Start Counting Them”

  1. PiedType Says:

    And who would be keeping such records? Law enforcement. Naturally they aren’t going to record and report their own misdeeds. Unless there’s a law requiring them to …

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