“These CIA representations were inaccurate…”


The CIA lied. They straight-up lied. They lied to Congress, they lied to the White House, they lied to the American people, and they lied to themselves. They’ve proven themselves beyond the pale, and they’ve proven that they are a deeply untrustworthy, rogue agency.

The quote in the headline comes from the torture report, where there was an analysis on the “usefulness” of the information that torture extracted from people. Time and again the conclusion of the report is that “These CIA representations were inaccurate”.

To sum up, the CIA tortured people with, at the very least, the tacit approval of George W Bush and Dick Cheney. They lied about it to Congress, to the White House (mostly Obama), the American public, and to other parts of the CIA. They lied, lied, lied.

It is time, I think, to end the CIA. They have been very useful at various points in our past, but they missed the fall of the Soviet Union, toppled democratically-elected governments in various countries (notably Chile and Iran, where we still feel the aftereffects of what they did in the 1950s), and may have engaged in assassination. They certainly engaged in torture.

We need to get rid of the CIA and replace it. I’m not sure with what. I don’t really want the NSA to get expanded powers, for example. Perhaps we could broaden the FBI’s charter. They do excellent work, after all, and since Hoover died, have proven to be a way better agency than the CIA. Or perhaps we could simply create something new with very clearly defined powers and boundaries.

But it’s time for the CIA to die the death it should have died in 1991.


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