Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

Well, I spent part of today and yesterday hanging out at the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest. This was a comparatively small (only 10,000 or so people), sub-event of the main Phoenix Comicon. It took place at the University of Phoenix Stadium, which is where next year’s Superb Owl is going to be.


Anyhow, I hadn’t planned to go. There were no panels of the sort I’m accustomed to, and the idea of *gasp*, actually paying to get in, well, what horror. But then they announced that Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor), and Paul McGann would both be there.

Well, I had to go. So I did. I had a pretty great time! There were tons of vendors and about eleven media guests. I really only paid attention to Baker and McGann, though Eddie McClintlock, of whom I knew nothing prior to this convention, was very entertaining, and now I want to watch some Warehouse 13.

I was able to interview Baker and McGann, and plan to submit the interviews to WhatCulture tomorrow after I’ve transcribed them. I will say both men were very charming and pleasant, and very kind to let me interview them (even though I was half asleep and forgetting my interview questions, which was ok, because both were kind of jet-lagged and forgetting their answers). I am also happy to report that Baker’s criticisms of the new series are almost exactly the same as mine and my best friend’s. It was also quite adorable watching Paul McGann showing off a picture of his son that was part of the CD booklet I had him sign.

Will I go back next year? Unknown. It was a bit of a distance for me, and though I had a good time, I was really only there for those two guests. If they get them back, or get someone else I want to see, yes. Otherwise, who can say?


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