¡Volviendo a la normalidad!


As you have probably heard by now, we’re finally, after well over fifty years, returning to a vague state of normal with Cuba. By that I mean that we’re opening up an embassy there, and they’re doing the same here, and it’s about time. We’re also going to allow more tourism, and people will be able to bring back more stuff with them, notably cigars and rum.

This is all long overdue. Since over a decade before I was born, we’ve had a trade embargo against them. Other countries used to, but threw in the towel long ago. We continued with it. It had long-since outlived any usefulness and was really just an embarrassment to us as a country, especially once we threw Taiwan under the bus and decided to embrace China instead.

And that’s an important thing to keep in mind as Ted Cruz and the other Republicans (and, it must be said, a few Democrats), whinge and whine about our reopening diplomatic relations with Cuba. We have them with China. If we’re doing that, and engaging in stupidly huge levels of trade with China, then we have no reason to not do the same with Cuba. Yeah, Cuba’s a horrible dictatorship that mistreats its people, and so is China. Isolating Cuba and pretending they don’t exist hasn’t changed that and never will. China is slowly, very slowly, beginning to change, and that’s at least in part because we’ve engaged them.

Hopefully this will indeed herald a new era in peace and cooperation with Cuba. Hopefully things there will improve.

Oh, and hopefully we’ll get around to having trials for the people who used and enabled torture. So, you know, our new Cuban friends can’t rub that in our faces.


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