Cheney’s Game

What is Dick Cheney up to? He’s been traveling around doing various media appearances basically bragging about our use of torture, and deflecting any questions by invoking 9/11. Because, you know, when someone hurts you, you’re justified in doing literally anything you want to in order to keep them from hurting you again.

Why is he doing this? I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come up with an answer: he’s falling on his sword.

Cheney’s biggest fear is not that he’ll be indicted as a war criminal. He’s old, he’s in poor health, and he’d probably go down with the feeling he did the right thing regardless.

No, I think he’s doing it to protect George W Bush. I think he wants us to all focus on him and his personal evil so that we don’t worry about Bush, and so that Bush’s chances of getting prosecuted (already very low), become essentially nil.

Cheney is, and I don’t use this word lightly, evil. He’s advocating and justifying torture, an act for which there is no justification. And I think at this point, he’s doing so in order to protect his former boss. If that’s the case, let’s give him his wish and prosecute the hell out of him.

Then let’s go after Bush anyhow.


One Response to “Cheney’s Game”

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    Let’s just make sure they get their day in the Hague. Let the world see that we do not hold ourselves above the justice we espouse to others.

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