Coming Soon – The Prisoner


Well, this is a lovely thing! Big Finish, makers of some wonderful audio stories that I’ve been known to talk about from time-to-time, has picked up the rights to produce audios based on the old ITV series The Prisoner. From their press release:

Nick Briggs: ‘The Prisoner has been a great love of mine for many years, ever since my late father told me all about it back in the 1960s. It actually premiered on British TV in 1967 on my sixth birthday! I finally got the chance to see it as a teenager when ITV repeated it on Saturday evenings in 1977. I instantly fell in love with the series and have been avidly re-watching it ever since. The chance to re-imagine the 1967 series for audio drama is a great privilege and I can’t wait to get started — actually, I’ve already started.’

The new audio version of The Prisoner will be very much based on the original, which starred Patrick McGoohan. ‘It won’t simply be a slavish retelling of all the original episodes,’ explains Nick. ‘But aficionados of the original series will certainly recognise much of what they loved about it. A lot of the familiar iconography will be there, but my aim is to push the boundaries, all the while pursuing McGoohan’s stated agenda of the fight against rampant progress and dehumanisation.’

No casting decisions have yet been made. ‘For Number Six, we’re looking for someone who can portray that vital determination and anger, creating a lethal package of dynamite charisma’ says Nick. ‘They need to be compelling and powerful as well as having great enthusiasm for the series.’

The initial release of a lavish, collectors’ edition box set of five CDs (four hour-long episodes and a behind-the-scenes documentary, with full-colour, souvenir booklet) is set for January 2016, with other box sets to follow. You can pre-order it here –—volume-1-box-set-1181

I’m quite pleased about this, and very pleased that they aren’t just going to be redoing the existing episodes, because that would be somewhat lame and, by its very nature, predictable as hell. And I’m really looking forward to this! I think the story concept has a lot going for it, and I think it’s going to work very well in audio format.


One Response to “Coming Soon – The Prisoner

  1. Aidan Says:

    Hooray! Thrilled to hear they are making these. This topped the list of properties I hoped BF would pick up. Thanks for sharing the news.

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