Free College? Fuck, Yes.

The other day President Obama announced a plan to give all Americans access to community colleges for free. Basically no one would ever have an excuse to not have an associate’s degree.

As someone who has $42,000 in student loan debt and doesn’t yet have a degree to show for it (I’m one class shy!), I think this is a fantastic idea! It means a better educated workforce, and a broadly more informed public, and those are great ideas.

Best of all, it’ll be cheap. How cheap? About $6 billion, apparently. A large number to you or me, but pocket change when you consider the $3.5 trillion federal budget. To put that into perspective, the budget is $3,500,000,000,000 and we’re talking about $6,000,000,000.

There is zero down side to this. It will mean lower student loan debts, and increased educational opportunities. It would have meant that I could have gotten the degree I don’t yet have without spending anything on tuition. That would mean I wouldn’t currently be $42,000 in the hole with nothing yet to show for it.

Of course I expect the usual hue and cry from the Republicans with their standard cry of, “Millions for defense but not one cent for education!” Hopefully they’ll be cowed and come to order so this can be made to happen.


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