Video Game Review – Lego Batman 3


Oh, I do love the Lego X game series. They’ve all been quite excellent, but this one really sets the new gold standard. Everything you love about the previous games is here (characters, comedy, collecting), but everything about it is improved.

Let’s start with the plot. Brianiac pops up and plans to shrink the world, as he does. Meantime, the various different colored Lanterns pop up to do what they do. At the same time, Lex Luthor, the Joker, and others are scheming their way onto the Justice League Satellite of Love. Oh, and Hawkman is trapped in a gilded cage.

Got all that?

The controls for flying, especially, are vastly improved in this game game over Lego Batman 2. Like flying in the overworld areas is no longer a massive chore. Even better, you no longer have to look around for a changing station for Batman and Robin, as they can change into their alternate suits at a moment’s notice. Further, you get to use the B button as a context button for various different tasks, including instantly changing into a different outfit.

That last point I cannot stress enough. It is so darn useful! It’s nice to be able to swap on the fly without having to get taken out of the story.

Now I did see a reviewer who mentioned they had problems with their controller. I didn’t have any problems with mine, except when I tried to do two-player with a friend and his controller wouldn’t respond. A reboot of the game fixed that. For the record, I’m using a wired 360 controller.

Beyond that, there are about 175 unlockable characters, including Shazam (Captain Marvel), all the various Lanterns, Batmite, and several special surprises that I wouldn’t dream of spoiling here. The number and variety of characters really shows how aware this game is of its history. In addition, you get stuff from the 1966 Batman TV series, you hear the Superman theme when Superman flies, and, happily, the Wonder Woman theme when Wonder Woman flies.

Really, I cannot think of a single problem with this game. I loved it completely, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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