Yay, Seahawks!


When I was younger, I got to go to a taping of a Seattle-based TV show called Almost Live!. It was an excellent show which, among other things, launched the career of Bill Nye (Science Guy).

The warm-up guy before the taping urged all of us to not just laugh, but to applaud. He said, “Seattle audiences are great at laughing, but not at applause. I figure it’s because the Seahawks play here.”

Well, all that has changed. As of today, the Seahawks are off to their third Superb Owl. They won last time, so hopefully they’ll win again this time.

But you know what? If they don’t, I’ll shrug and go about my day and basically forget about it all three minutes after it happened. Because getting overly-wrapped up in a sport is bizarre to me. But, still, go Seahawks, and win that thing!


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