The State of the Union, 2015


7:00pm MST – It begins. I’ve got a 12 inch Subway cold cut combo and a can of root beer. Let’s do this!

7:02 – Make sure to press F5 periodically to reload. Also, for the curious, I’m watching this on PBS,

7:11 – Good idea to make mention of the wars and recession. Neither were started by Obama, and both were ended by him. Pointing out the massive improvement in the economy, specifically that we’re growing at our fasest rate since 1999, is a good idea, too.

7:12 – The fact that Americans having insurance is NOT an applause line for Republicans is very telling.

7:13 – “This 9/11 generation…” Oh, please let’s not let that name stick.

7:15 – I suspect we’re about to get to the part that will really make the Republicans give frowny faces. Though I think Boehner is unable to do anything but frown. Well, or cry.

7:17 – I’ve never liked these, “Look at the people in the audience, and hear their stories!” moments of the SOTU. They always seem rather forced and odd to me.

7:19 – Higher fuel standards good, lower gas prices…sort of good, but not great for the environment.

7:20 – Whether you like the ACA or not, the fact that 10 million people now have health care coverage, when they did not before, is a GOOD thing.

7:21 – Man, some Republicans won’t even applaud lines about the stock market doubling or health care costs slowing down. What the fuck, guys?

7:22 – And the battle lines are drawn. Don’t bother to send anything to the President’s desk that try to reverse the progress he has made.

7:25 – This is almost reminding me of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” concept. It’s a good one, and of course, hard to disagree with. But the GOP will find a way.

7:26 – Here comes the meat, and did I just see Republicans NOT applaud lower taxes?! Is Rob Serling lurking around somewhere?

7:27 – A tax cut of up to three thousand dollars per child per year also doesn’t get applause. So odd.

7:28 – Paid sick leave is a great idea, and I do hope it actually goes through. Seven days per year is not much, and it really would would make a huge difference.

7:29 – A good, forceful push for a minimum wage increase. This is another thing that was popular on the ballot last year. But I’ll be very surprised if Congress actually does it. Still, if they don’t, then it will be good ammo in 2016.

7:31 – Here we go. The free community college pitch. This really is something we need to do. It won’t be very expensive. Perhaps we can just avoid building some bombers or an aircraft carrier or two to pay for it. Though increasing taxes would be nice, too.

7:32 – The “graduate on time” part is the part that’s killed me. I would have had my associates by now had I not had a couple little problems.

7:33 – I am very aware that I’m making typos. I’m doing this on my Kindle, which is great, but the keyboard layout is odd and there doesn’t seem to be a spell checker. So forgive any errors you see.

7:35 – Obama looks quite casual this time around. Very relaxed body language. Just sort of leaning up against the podium and going for it. It works for him.

7:37 – Ah, the infrastructure pitch. We do sorely need better infrastructure. Most of our roads and bridges get D grades or lower by engineering groups. The swipe at Keystone is amusing, too.

7:39 – Very good to remind us of our collective successes. Too often we say, “It can’t be done!”

7:43 – Targeting the 1% for the tax increases seems like a good idea to me. They can certainly afford it, and the rest of us need it. Plus I suspect it will go over well in the long run if pitched as people paying their fair share.

7:45 – I’m very much not in favor of us constantly acting unilaterally and attacking basically anyone we feel like. We need to knock that shit off.

7:46 – An authorization for use of force against ISIS/ISIL got almost no applause from either side. Good. I could have kind of done without the “standing up to Russia” business, though. It is good to point out, I suppose, that Russia’s strategy has not been a winning one.

7:47 – “When what you’re doing for fifty years does’t work, it’s time to try something new.” Absolutely.

7:48 – Pointing out that diplomacy with Iran seems to be working as well. Also very good.

7:50 – I suspect there are certain people out there who want a new sanctions bill against Iran exactly BECAUSE it will derail negotiations.


7:54 – An unequivocal statement about the importance of stopping climate change. Good. Hopefully people will listen, though clearly the GOP still doesn’t buy it.

7:56 – If he REALLY wants to put an end to torture and keep it gone, he needs to support actions against those who used it in our country’s name,

7:57 – How can anyone in that chamber fail to stand up and applaud a “go, American values” statement like that?

8:00 – A good reminder that we can restore what’s great about this country.

8:02 – Another good reminder, this time that gay rights is a winning issue for the Democrats.

8:05 – Well, he’s at least trying to find non-controversial statements everyone can basically agree on. I can support that.

8:06 –

8:07 – “I have no more campaigns to run.” *light applause from the Republican side. “I know, because I won both of them.” Excellent. That said, I do hope he doesn’t leave politics. He should run for the Senate again, or even better, be appointed to the Supreme Court.

8:09 – “Everybody matters”. It ought to be self-evident, but isn’t, And to echo the man in the audience, hear-hear!

And that’s that. I’m quite pleased overall with how the speech went. Being optimistic when needed, and aggressive when needed. Very pleased overall.


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