Cracked Does it Again has been a great source for a lot of amazing articles. That’s saying something, given that the site used to be affiliated with a magazine that’s best known for being Mad’s less interesting cousin. But since they turned into a web-only publication, they’ve churned out some amazing articles.

This week they released one called “Six Ways to Keep Terrorists from Ruining the World“. It’s an excellent article, and I’d like to talk about some of the points it raises.

We deal with terrorism in the stupidest way possible. We give-in to our baser instincts and respond to violence with even more violence. We have certainly killed many innocent people since 9/11, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we’ve killed ten times as many innocent people as we lost that day. The way to handle terrorism, or the possibility of terrorism, is with police work, and that should be done by the FBI and CIA. Oh, and it must be done without torture. Why?

Because every time we kill an innocent person, or torture someone, innocent or not, it makes us look bad. It’s great recruiting material for the terrorists. It means we responded in exactly the way they wanted us to.

We need to be strong. We need to be strong enough to stop responding with violence every time something bad happens to an American somewhere in the world, even if that “something bad” is an American getting their head sawed off on video. Even if it were a busload of Americans, and some of them were children, that wouldn’t justify us going in and killing even more people.

Let’s bear in mind that when Osama bin Laden was killed, it wasn’t with a tank. We didn’t send an entire division into his neighborhood. No, we used intelligence (not gathered with torture), police work, and a small team of people to go and kill him. That’s the sort of thing we need to do any time we have to respond to terrorism, though ideally I’d like to see terrorists captured rather than killed.

If we can start responding in that way, we can defuse much of the problem, save a lot of money, and stop killing people who don’t deserve to die.

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