1998 in Review

Some people I know are very down on the 1990s. I’m looking at you, Rob! They hated the 90s when they were happening, and don’t look back upon them fondly.

As for me, despite a problem I had during the mid-1990s, the 90s overall were good for me. Certainly way better than 2001 was. During the 1990s, I graduated high school, moved to a new city, fell in love, had my first time with a woman (and her husband), made some new friends and generally learned to be the person I am now (not all in that order, mind you).

The 90s also featured the start of the current golden age of TV, with shows like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine leading the way. The 90s also were the decade that gave us the Harry Potter books. Plus, as this video shows, 1998 had some really good movies.

So, yeah, the 1990s were a thing that wasn’t as bad as all that.

2 Responses to “1998 in Review”

  1. Chris Says:

    All that said, how the hell did swing music become popular again?

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