Thank You, Anti-Vax Morons

hanks to your hard work and effort, measles, once basically eliminated in the United States, is going on a comeback tour. First stop, Disneyland. But where will they go next? WHO knows, or at least I hope they do. Failing that, the CDC. Either one.

If you are one of those people who has refused to have your child vaccinated, you are directly responsible for this. You’re also, as I’ve said before, an unfit parent who deserves to have your child taken away and immunized against a disease THAT COULD KILL THEM.

This isn’t just important for your child, but for those of other people as well, and for people with compromised immune systems (AIDS patients, people undergoing radiation therapy, etc), or others who, for whatever reason, are physically unable to get immunized. It’s what we call “herd immunity” and it really matters.

I still find it baffling that people refuse to get their children a shot or two that might save their lives down the line. People two hundred years ago would have almost literally killed for that sort of opportunity, and here sit the idiots, wasting it away. I have no idea how you people sleep at night, but I hope the answer is “very unwell”.


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