Two Neat Bits of Doctor Who News

Well, today saw two neat bits of Doctor Who news. Neither were completely surprises, and both were very welcome.

First off, LEGO announced that they will be producing a Doctor Who set at long last. This has been something people like me, who like both LEGO and Doctor Who have long been looking forward to. No real details on the set yet, but it’ll likely be out sometime this year. I’m sure that this one set will likely be produced with a one-time license, but with luck, they can make more. Perhaps even a video game!

The other interesting bit of news comes from Big Finish, who have announced that they are finally creating a “final” story for the Sixth Doctor. Now that Doctor’s time rather memorably, and abruptly, ended in “Time and the Rani”, with Colin Baker declining to return to film a regeneration scene. So we never got the “real” story on what caused him to regenerate and all that.

Now Big Finish is aiming to change that, with “The Last Adventure”; a star-studded story with the Doctor and…well, pretty much everyone else you can think of that’s been associated with him, bar Evelyn, sadly. It’s quite an interesting idea, and I look forward to hearing how it turns out, and fear not; from what the news release implies, we’re still getting more of ole Sixie. I think they just wanted to fill in this gap while they could.

So there you go. Two fun bits of news about my favorite show!


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