A Blogger Retires

Andrew Sullivan has stepped-down from blogging and ended The Dish, his very popular website. The site will be up for archival purposes, but it won’t be updated. He’s stepping down because he’s basically been blogging almost non-stop for almost fifteen years. It’s taken a mental and physical toll, and he’s had enough.

It’s something I can very much understand.

I started this blog seven years ago (seriously!). Since then, with the exception of a little bit of time last year, I’ve added at least one article a day every day. Thousands of them. I haven’t done it on anything like the scale Sully did, but I still write a lot. It’s kind of stressful, really, to sit there, looking at the clock and not knowing what you’re going to write about. That’s why there are those occasions when I’ve wussed-out and simply put up a video or something.

I owe a lot to Sully on several levels. He’s been a serious inspiration for me as a blogger, and he’s almost always given me something to think about. I’ll miss his daily comments, videos, and occasional slips into drama queen land. I’ve always tried to emulate him as much as possible, and though I’ve failed for the most part, I’d like to think there are at least some times when I succeed.

Now less this start making you wonder, no, this isn’t a lead up to me ending my blog. That day will come, and I’ve lately started to think it will come sooner rather than later, but it hasn’t happened yet. So, no, I’ll continue to blog, but I wanted to take at least some time out to recognize the end of an era.

I’ll miss the Dish. But even as I do, I’ll be looking forward to whatever Sullivan does next.


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