Gallifrey 2015 – Day One

Well, here I am, blogging once more from what may be my last Gallifrey convention. I’ve discovered the sentiment isn’t entirely unusual, and most of the people I’ve talked with who are from Phoenix are very relieved to hear about Phoenix TARDIS. But I digress.

We left Phoenix early in the morning, as always, and rolled into the hotel just a bit before noon. Check in was both early and painless, unlike previous years, though we did end up with a room that has only one king-sized bed rather than two doubles. Boo, hiss. They were kind enough to provide a roll-away bed, however, and at least everything passed the bedbug check (again, unlike in previous years).

Once settled in, I made the rounds. I talked with, and tentatively secured interviews from, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nick Briggs, Janet Fielding, Terry Molloy (too nice of a man to be Davros!), and Carole Anne Ford. The interviews should be tomorrow or the next day. I was also pleased that Nick, Jason, Richard Dinnick and Travis Richey all remembered me, though I assume it was in the, “Oh, god, it’s that weird Big Finish fan again,” sort of way.

I also bought an fez. This was entirely by accident. I’ll explain later.

That’s all for now. I expect to have more to add tomorrow. In the meantime…the fez.



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