Gallifrey 2015 – Day Two

Well, here we are. Day two already! It followed day one. Who would have suspected?

I slept surprisingly well on the roll-away bed. Upon waking, breakfast was made to happen. Then after a quick shower, I was off to my first panel! No, not one I was on, but one that I was there to watch. It was, predeictiably, a Big Finish panel.

Much was covered in the panel, including great praise for Survivors, and the revelation that while Kate Stewart may be the first new series character to cross over into the world of Big Finish, she isn’t going to be the last…

After that, I wandered, got some autographs and networked as best as I could. I even managed to snag an interview with Nick Briggs! Yes, finally, after four years of trying, it happened. We spent 20 minutes chatting in an interview I’ll be publishing later. I also started, but didn’t finish, an interview with Carole Anne Ford. All was going well, but fans kept coming up to get autographs. Reasonable, so I stepped aside. I did also manage an interview with Terry Molloy, which pleased me greatly.

Beyond all that, I’m going to dinner relatively soon, and then I’ll come back to the hotel to party. Strippers and blow for everyone!

Oh, and this was insanely cute.


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