Me and My Carbon Footprint

I was on Slate today and came across an article about the climate-change consequences of eating meat. It’s an interesting enough read, I suppose, containing all the usual whining from the Republicans, whose knee-jerk, “If Obama’s fer it, I’m agin it!” reaction really reminds me more and more of the average three-year-old.

But I digress.

The article makes the argument that cutting back on meat intake is a good step toward stopping global climate change. That’s probably correct, and on a health-level I could certainly stand to be eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

All that said, if I do decide to cut back on meat, it won’t have anything to do with environmental concerns or my carbon footprint. Why? Because according to this, my carbon footprint is already quite a bit lower than average.

C'est moi.

C’est moi.

You see, I don’t drive. I ride my bike almost everywhere that I don’t walk or take the bus to. I do occasionally ride places with my best friend, but when I do that, it’s in his car which is a hybrid. So even though I eat meat, don’t really recycle and don’t ever, ever eat organic foods (they’re no better than so-called “non-organic” and are bad for the environment)

It is worth noting that I don’t buy nearly as much fresh meat as I used to. I used to buy ground beef fairly often, for example, but that’s gone up in price quite a bit lately, and so I can’t really afford it. I do often buy fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but even then I only do it when they’re on sale. I do tend to eat a lot of frozen/processed meat in things like frozen dinners and the like, and I do eat meat a lot when I go out for lunch or dinner, but those events aren’t common for me, either.

If I ever do cut meat entirely out of my diet, it will likely be due to concerns of health, ethics (I really do dislike some of the modern meat farming techniques and changed the way I buy eggs because of that), or finances. It won’t be beacuse of environmental concerns.


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