Broken Justice

So a big “fuck you” to anyone who is gay and living in Alabama. Oh, it’s not me that’s saying that; it’s your courts.

Yes, proving yet again that the South doesn’t quite “get” that whole “you people lost the Civil War 155 years ago” thing, the state Supreme Court has issued a very stupid, very pointless, anti-gay marriage document. They basically have decided that the state courts don’t have to obey the federal ones (they totally do), and that gay marriage doesn’t need to go forward in the state. By comparison, other states have lost gracefully and the world kept turning. But in the case of Alabama, nope. No cause is too pointless or lost for them to not continue fighting over it. What a bunch of braying jackasses.

This is stupid, pointless nonsense beyond all reasoning and sanity, and why does it happen? Well, having “Crazy” Roy Moore on the bench doesn’t help. The guy’s a fucking religious lunatic. How did he get onto the bench, you might reasonably ask? He was elected. I was going to launch into a big thing about how stupid it is to elect judges, but a: I did it already, and b: John Oliver’s got this.

In another case of broken justice, we learned this week that, shock and surprise, the police of Ferguson, Missouri, frequently, and illegally, and unfairly, targeted black people, singling them out for special treatment that wasn’t dealt out to whites. How bad was this? Have a look.

The most disturbing statistics are with regard to arrest, incarceration, and police force. Ninety-three percent of all arrests in Ferguson were of black Americans, and 88 percent of use-of-force incidents were against them. In cases where police had warrants, 92 percent were for blacks. Of those arrested for outstanding warrants, 96 percent were black, and among people jailed for more than two days, 95 percent were black. And in a terrible callback to Jim Crow, police used canines exclusively against black residents, including a 14-year-old boy who suffered puncture wounds in his arms, hands, and legs.

Well, lovely. This sort of treatment is no surprise at all, and it’s really no surprise when you consider that it’s a majority black city with a police force that’s almost entirely white. Lest you think this might just be coincidence, have a look at this.

The Justice Department records multiple instances in which officers used racial slurs—including “nigger”—against black residents, and it finds evidence of racial bias among city officials, including a series of emails sent by Ferguson officials using city accounts.

FAN-tastic. So, yeah, a quick reminder to those certain bad parts of the South, of which Missouri is a part. The Civil War is long since over. Your side lost. It is now the year 2015. Please come up and join the rest of us in the 21st century, you mindless fucktards.


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