Excellent Job, Oregon!

So Oregon has done an interesting thing. Henceforth, when you go to get your driver’s license or your state ID card, you’ll automatically be registered to vote if the system shows you aren’t currently. You can opt-out of this, of course, but why the hell would you?

This is an excellent idea. There’s really no reason not to do this. Well, except for this:

Opponents argue two main points: Transferring this particular type of data between the DMV and secretary of state’s office makes the voting system prone to ID theft, and that it will make it easier for undocumented immigrants to become registered voters.

*yawn* at both parts. If someone is here illegally and getting their ID card renewed, then surely the system can be flagged with a message saying, “Yeah, this one can’t vote.” As for the ID theft rationale, really? That’s all you guys got? Apparently that was enough to keep every Republican on the state legislature from voting for it.

So congrats to the people of Oregon! When you go to use your vote, please remember which party it is that seems less than keen for you to have it.


One Response to “Excellent Job, Oregon!”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Yes, good for Oregon! I hope we in WA are next. We also do our voting entirely by mail.

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