Great News from Big Finish!

Literally just yesterday I was scanning around on Big Finish’s site, noting that they had nothing available for pre-order past late 2016, which was the last date their license had been extended to. I found nothing, but figured I’d hear some sort of announcement in time.

Well, “in time” turned out to be a lot sooner than I had expected, as just today Big Finish announced that their license has been extended to 2020!

This pleases me greatly. They’ve been turning out a consistently high-level product for fifteen years now. Very seldom do a I listen to a story that disappoints me, and the overall quality is much greater than that of the new series, or even of the classic series TV stories. So I’m pleased to hear that we’re going to get several more years of this.

So congrats to Big Finish! Keep up the good work, guys!


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