Jurassic Nope

I don’t quite understand why the Jurassic Park franchise has such a warm place in some peoples’ hearts. The first one was pretty good, for what it was. An entertaining little popcorn film, with some great effects and a decent story.

The second one wasn’t very good. It was rather confusing, had some impressive plot holes, and a completely unnecessary third act.

The last said about the third movie, the better. It really was quite awful.

Then there’s the most recent one. It’s basically about as good as the first one.

So we have two decent, entertaining, but far from great, movies, one that was really “meh” and one that was utter shit. So at best a 50% success rate.

So why all the love for the franchise? It hasn’t done really anything to earn that love. I’m sure this is mostly just nostalgia filters at work, but it’s probably time to take those filters off and be a bit more critical.


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