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Massive congratulations to Big Finish for getting as close as they possibly can to making new series Doctor Who stories without actually doing so. I mean, ok, they are, but without a “main range” new series…series. But still!

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Here’s what they’ve announced today, and I couldn’t be more excited. While I’m unsure how well the Weeping Angels will work in an audio-only format, and while I don’t much like the Sycorax or the Judoon, I’m remaining confident that Big Finish will find a way to make this work. They’ve seldom disappointed in the past. Plus a series with Eight and River is all sorts of exciting all on its own!

This is nothing but a win for Big Finish, and on several levels. First, most obviously, it’s going to lure in some new series fans. Hopefully, most of them will actually pay for the audios instead of stealing them.

But in a larger view, this is good news because, frankly, no one involved with the old series is getting any younger. For Big Finish to continue as a company, they need to be able to access new series elements, even if they can’t yet do full-on new series Doctor stories. And while this isn’t that, it’s as close as we’re going to get until Eccleston, Tennant and Smith really get hard-up for cash.

So bring it all on! I’m really quite excited about this. 🙂


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