All religions are fundamentally terrible. They’re all predicated on a lie about the basic nature of reality, and humanity would be better off without all of them. Yes, we hear the biggest complaints about Christianity and Islam, but let’s not forget that every religion is terrible.

Case in point, Hindu. Here we have a story about a young man who fall in love with a woman from a higher caste, ran off with her, and as a result his sisters were sentenced to be raped. Because religion.

Lest you cry that, no, this sort of nonsense isn’t part of the Hindu faith, let me point out that the caste system in India is entirely based on religion and has no connection to the real world.

All of the people in this story, from the young man and his wife, to his sisters, to the village council, are all prisoners of a really shitty religious belief that says that your position in life is mandated by the gods, and there you shall stay. IF you’re lucky, you’ll be reincarnated in a higher, better position.

What a stupid concept. What a stupid religion. What a fucking horrible group of people who would do and allow this sort of crime to come up.

Religion absolutely does poison everything.

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