Yay, Confirmation!

I wrote last month that there was a story that Big Finish had inked a deal with David Tennant and Catherine Tate to bring back the Tenth Doctor and Donna in audio form. Well, today came confirmation from Big Finish that this is, in fact, happening.


David Tennant portrayed the Doctor on screen from 2005 until 1 January 2010, returning to play alongside Matt Smith and John Hurt in the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor in 2013. Catherine Tate made her debut as Donna in December 2006, and after a series and two festive specials she made her last appearance alongside David on 1 January 2010. Their on-screen partnership is generally regarded as one of the great high-points of the enduring science fiction phenomenon.

‘I still remember the sense of joy I had when I heard that David had been asked to play the Doctor,’ says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘We were all so pleased for him — as we knew how much Doctor Who meant to him. And now David comes full circle, back doing Doctor Who with Big Finish — except that this time he’s playing the Doctor! It’s the same but different — it’s wonderful to have him back!’

I really am extremely happy about this news. Donna was the best of the Tenth Doctor’s companions. Rose during their voyages was terrible, and Martha was just sort of “there”, being vaguely punished for not being Rose. But Donna…Donna was a lonely, insecure woman, who had no real direction in her life. She grew and changed during her time with the Doctor, often acting very much like an ordinary person would when thrust into extraordinary circumstances. This made her eventual fate at the hands of Russell T Davies all the more irritating.

But ignoring that ending, I’m very much looking forward to this. Big Finish has proven time and again that they have some of the best writers Doctor Who has never had, and hopefully they’ll correct some of the flaws with Tenth’s characterization that sometimes made him so frustrating to watch. But even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll at least get some more stories with one of my favorite characters, and that’s no bad thing!


3 Responses to “Yay, Confirmation!”

  1. kaikoespurrmikkusu Says:

    Just time it happened! Just as the 10th Doctor era is starting to become a “thing of the past”. I mean it’s been 7 years ago, stuff from then won’t be spoilers anymore.

  2. john baker Says:

    What are you going for Chris? The Limited Edition Boxset?

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