Yes, You Are Transphobic

So take a look at this picture that’s been making the rounds on Facebook.


Hoo, hoo. Tee-hee. Hi-larious. Beacuse, you know, Bruce Jenner turned into a woman, so of course his/her/its cat became a dog! Ha!

So, yeah. That’s fucking obnoxious and stupid.

Also obnoxious and stupid? A bill recently struck down by voters in Houston, Texas, that would have granted basic protections to LGBT people, incuding allowing people to use the bathroom of the gender they feel they belong to. It’s that last part that got the conservatives up in arms.


This campaign included an ad that I can’t find online, oddly, that showed some sinister man tailing a little girl into the bathroom, then bursting in on her in the stall. Beacuse, you know, this will be a license for anyone to just rape your kids in the bathroom and it’ll be totes legal.

I’ll state this plainly: if you were against this bill because if this bathroom business, then you’re a transphobic bigot, and probably an asshole. You’re also clearly someone who lacks basic logical skills and a sense of empathy.

Pretend that you’re a single woman who’s going into a bathroom in a reststop off the highway. It’s late, and you go inside. You fuss at the mirror for a moment, and then get ready to head to a stall, but as you do, in walks this large, bearded, biker dude. Tattoos, sunglasses, leather clothes, the lot. Why, you wonder, isn’t this person in the men’s room? Why is he in the same room as you? Is rape on the schedule for tonight?

This large biker just nods and goes in to a stall as you leave, feeling very uncomfortable. You get outside and call the police, who show up pretty quickly. There’s some discussion with the biker, and then they let him go, no charges filed. Why? Because it turns out the biker is female-to-male transgendered and, thanks to the fail of the ballot measure, this person, who is in every way presented as male, is now forced to use the women’s room.

Do you understand the picture I’ve painted here? Someone who is transgender is someone who is genuinely going from one gender to another. They were born with male no-no parts, but believe themselves to be female, or vice versa. Under those circumstances, they’re going to dress, act, and present themselves as the gender they believe themselves to be. In the case of a man transitioning to a woman, this means facing assault by homo-/transphobic men in a men’s room, and in the case of a woman transitioning into a man, terror and assumptions of rape when you walk into a women’s room.

It is essential and logical that someone should be allowed to use the restroom they are presenting themselves as. Anything else is just stupid, and causes way more problems.

Now let’s move onto another subject the anti-trans crowd likes to go off on: school locker rooms. According to the likes of Mike Huckabee, it’s only the laws that keep people like him from being creepy sexual predators. The logic here is that if you allow kids to use the locker room for the gender they believe themselves to be, well, clearly all the boys are going to abuse this in order to see girls naked.

That’s stupid. The peer pressure alone would be hell for said kid if he does it more than once (the assumption other boys would make would not be pretty), and I imagine it would be fairly easy to weed out people like that by having them submit proof of treatment from their therapist.

But let’s ignore that bit of logic and assume that, yes, there might be some very small number of kids who would do this just to see the other gender naked (beacuse appraently they don’t know about the internet). That number would likely be significantly smaller than the number of trans kids out there who are being marginalized by forcing them to use a locker room for the gender they don’t believe they are part of.

For the sake of everyone, allowing trans people access to the bathroom/locker room that’s “correct” for them is just sanity. It’s way better than any of the alternatives, and a stupid thing to have to focus on.

So, yes, if you smirk at that photo above, and say, “Well, they’ve got a good point!” about the failure of the bill in Houston, then screw you, you bigoted asshole, and enjoy this picture of a woman in a women’s bathroom. Hey, it’s what you people say you want.



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