Yes, Trump is a Facist

One popular fad these days is to compare Donald Trump to Hitler/other Nazis. One of my friends made a smirking comment to me about how they preferred Trump’s speeches, “in the original German”. Ho, ho. As if that hasn’t been said about basically every politician since 1946.


fig 1. Not Hitler

Trump is not a Nazi. He’s also not a Communist. He’s a Republican, but only by virtue of how much support he’s getting from people who call themselves such.

No, what Trump is is something very different, and something we’ve not seen in American politics at this level, or at least haven’t seen in quite some time.

Trump is, simply, a fascist. This is not a term I use lightly. He’s a fascist by any reasonable definition of the term, and is pushing a fascist agenda.


fig 2. Not Trump, but disturbingly close

It can be quite tough finding a definition for fascism, but it’s kind of like porn; hard to define, but you know it when you see it. I think we can agree that, historically, fascism  has included much of the following:

  1. Creating a sense of threat against the nation.
  2. Ignoring facts in favor of rhetoric, and accusing people of lying when they bring up the facts.
  3. Blaming certain minority groups for the nation’s troubles.
  4. Singling out those minority groups for special sanction.
  5. Talking about restoring your nation to a glorious past, when all was right and perfect.
  6. Endorsing violence against those who disagree with you.
  7. Favoring a strong, active, and expansive, military that you will use at every given opportunity.
  8. Subordinating individual freedom to the state and making capitalism serve it as well.

Trump certainly hits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. He flirts with 6, in that he doesn’t disavow violence and doesn’t seem to mind when his supporters mete it out. He doesn’t support 8.

Still, six-and-a-half out of eight isn’t great. While I doubt that Trump will ever go the full eight, the mere fact that a major American political figure hits this many marks on the fascist scale is troubling, and says nothing good at all about the modern Republican party.

I continue to believe that Trump will never get the Republican nomination (he continues to poll extremely  high, but the number of people who don’t support him far outweighs those who do), yet it does disturb me that someone like this, who has no political experience, and whose only real talent is making a lot of money (which isn’t that impressive), is doing as well in the polls as he is. Yes, the first elections are still a month or so away, but it still bothers me. We’re a better nation than this. Hopefully the GOP is a better party than this.


One Response to “Yes, Trump is a Facist”

  1. Christ Centered Teaching Says:

    Trump is hardly a fascist. Talk about DANGEROUS! Hillary’s Hits just keep on coming. If she acts like she can get away with murder, maybe its because she already has, NUMEROUS TIMES!

    Shawn Lucas is the latest figure associated with the DNC leaks and election fraud case to die in mysterious circumstances.He served Clinton with voter fraud papers that lead to Wasserman’s resignation.

    Seth Rich, a DNC Data Director, was beaten, shot and killed in the morning of July 8 while he was walking home and talking on the phone to his girlfriend. Police have said they haven’t determined if his murder was a botched robbery – however this is unlikely as the killer or killers appear to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.Smith would have known about voter fraud if it existed.

    Julian Assange’s lawyer, John Jones, QC, died this week after being hit by a train at a London station. Details of his demise are non-existant on the internet, but Assange has said he will release more of HILLARY’S emails.

    Victor Thorn, prominent Clinton researcher and author, was also found unexpectedly dead this week.

    Thorn was due to testify in court in his own defense to corruption charges but would have implicated the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation through a common association who is a know criminal.

    Joe Montano was the DNC chairman until he died with no history of heart problems. He was 47. Debbie Wasserman Schultz replaced him.

    John Ashe, former United Nations General Assembly President died of a heart attack but also had his throat crushed. He was due to testify against the Clintons

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