Change, My Dear

And not a moment too soon!

So I’m back. Yeah. I just couldn’t stay away. I’ll be back to doing this daily, too, so that’s a thing.

What brings me back? Well, I’d always intended to return for things like the conventions and the debates, and live-blogging the election results. But I decided to come back prior to all that. Partly because today marks exactly one year since I last blogged on here, but also because of another important event.

Today marks 100 years since the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. This 5 month battle resulted in the death or wounding of over 57,000 British soldiers on day one. It got worse from there. Over a million soldiers on all sides died or were wounded in this single battle. Over 6,600 men per day were killed or injured. Let that sink in. And what did they die for?

the battle of the somme1

Hell if I know. This was one of the worst moments in one of the worst, most pointless wars in all of human history, and I’m sad to say that all those men who were killed died for exactly nothing.

On that cheery note, it’s good to be back!


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