So What Did I Miss?

Six months since I last blogged. What all has been going on?


Well, this, yes, but what else?

Trump is still around, somehow. I’m really quite surprised by that. I honestly thought he would have been defeated in the primaries by Bush, Walker, or Rubio. But no. And he’s ended up as such a bad candidate that he’s putting states like Utah and Arizona into play. Further, he might well drag down other candidates, putting not just the Senate up for grabs, but just maybe the House as well.

Meantime, on the Democratic side, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Hillary finally beat Bernie. This is as I predicted, and was pretty obvious from the outset. He just stood no chance of beating her, and that’s right and proper. Why should someone who has never ran as a Democrat be given the Democratic party nomination?

Merrick Garland is still languishing as a SCOTUS justice nominee. No signs of progress there, but hopefully as we move further into the general campaign, this will become something to beat Republicans up with.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, an excellent ruling the other day put an end to a bunch of anti-abortion nonsense in Texas that was masquerading as “women’s health” measures. Bah. Most of the justices saw right through that, and stopped it. Well done!

Finally I note that, yet again, we’re not going to do anything about gun control. Nope, just keep letting people have all the guns they want, because surely that’ll put a stop to gun violence!



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