Matthew 7:5

Hillary Clinton has been let off the hook when it comes to her private email server. The FBI basically said it was a stupid thing to do, and yes, there were a very small number of classified emails on there, including eight that were top secret or higher in classification.

It was dumb indeed, but…eh. Powell and Rice also had private email setups, though not quite as extensive as Hillary. If she were to be prosecuted, so should they be.

Of course the Republicans are going apeshit, complaining about all this. They go on about how much it damages the rule of law, and puts our nation at risk.

Well, fine. I’ll offer them a deal. If they like, we can prosecute Hillary for the crime of mishandling emails, provided that we can also prosecute Bush, Rice, Cheney, and others, for the much, much more severe crimes they committed, which include, but are not limited to, torture, illegal warfare, various war crimes, and, in the case of Cheney, eating the hearts of kittens (I may be making that last one up.)*

So the GOP has zero credibility on this issue, and I’m pretty sure it won’t make a difference in the long run. I’m pretty sure Hillary will still be president, and that’s what matters.

* Or maybe not!

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