Poisoning the Well

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Facebook, you’ve likely seen some of these.




These are anti-Hillary Clinton memes. Sometimes they’re sexist, sometimes they’re inaccurate, and frequently, very, very frequently, I see them being posted by liberals. The really confusing part? Many have told me they plan to vote for her!

For the last twenty-four years, the Republican machine has been driving into our heads the notion that Hillary Clinton is a terrible, evil, lying person who will say or do anything to be elected to office and accumulate more power. And even as you read this, I bet a number of you, who are Democrats, are nodding along! But listen: you’ve been lied to yourself. Not by Hillary, but by the Republicans.

Just about every scandal centering on Clinton on her husband has been blown out of proportion or fabricated completely. It’s no surprise that the Republicans would do the former; both sides do. It’s sadder that they would do the latter, which Republicans do far more than Democrats. But what’s really sad is that so many Democrats believe it.

Consider the dishonesty charge that so often gets thrown around about her. Now consider, if you’re a Democrat, who you’d rather be voting for in November. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’d rather have Sanders, because he’s more honest.

But in fact, there’s not that much daylight between them. They’re both pretty darn honest, and way more so than Trump. In fact, she’s pretty darn honest by most political standards. You know what the proof of that is? Go beyond the news articles that I linked to, and the proof is, quite simply, that despite 24 years of trying, the Republican machine has never once gotten an indictment against her, much less a conviction. There’s simply no there there.

It baffles me that I have to explain this to my fellow liberals. It also baffles me that many, who have told me that they plan to vote for Clinton in November, still share these anti-Hillary memes on Facebook, or make obnoxious remarks about her.

Why? Why? Why?! Why poison the well for yourself?

Look beyond the Republican lies. Look at the actual reality. Realize that, as I wrote over a year ago, she’s a pretty fantastic candidate, and likely will make a great president. Stop being a whiner. Stop being a sore loser. Really stop being a “Bernie or bust!” idiot, if that’s who you are.

Basically, grow up. Embrace pragmatism. I’m with her, and if you are, too, then stop acting like you aren’t. And if you aren’t, go fucking vote for Trump and get out of my life, because make no mistake; a vote for anyone other than Hillary will equal a vote for Trump.


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