Oh, Meh

It’s been announced that in the upcoming film, Star Trek Beyond, Sulu will be revealed to be gay, in a same-sex relationship, and have a daughter.



I really don’t care. The time to have a gay character in Star Trek was about two decades ago, when it was still airing on TV and people actually cared. Having an established character be revealed to be gay is just kind of pointless at this stage.

George Takei is unhappy about the choice, but…well, tough. The character isn’t his, and Sulu never really had a history of bedding the ladies in any of the TV shows or movies, so this doesn’t seem much of a stretch.

But I’m mostly unimpressed because a: this is 2016, so this isn’t really that big of a deal, and b: they should have gone this route with the character to begin with, back with the first of these alt-universe movies.

I really don’t have many more thoughts beyond those. This is a mediocre idea that I’m largely indifferent to, happening in a movie that will probably not be very good, and will likely be the last time we see this particular Trek universe.

And that’s that.


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