When is a Truck Not a Gun?

So the weapon of choice for the attacker in Nice (who may or may not have been a religiously-motivated terrorist. Looking at his life, he could have just been a nutjob), was a truck that he drove at high speed through a crowd of people, killing dozens.

This has, of course, led some smug pro-gun people to say, “Well, I suppose now you want to ban trucks? Ha-ha, don’t be stupid. Of course you don’t. So don’t ban our guns!”

This is a very intellectually dishonest argument. First off, very few people want to completely ban guns in this country. My position is pretty extreme, and even I don’t want to ban them entirely; I just want to make them significantly difficult for private individuals to own them.

Second, fine, let’s treat guns like we treat trucks. Let’s require that someone be a certain age to use one, let’s require that it be registered, and that they have to have a license and training in order to use one.

Lastly, vehicles are made for one purpose: to move goods and people from one place to another at a fair speed. When used correctly, they do this and do it fine.

Guns are made for one purpose as well; to fling a projectile at high velocity toward a target. This target can be a person, an animal, or a simple target. When used correctly, they do this, and do it fine.

When used incorrectly, a vehicle can become a weapon, and can be used to kill people.

When used correctly a gun can become a weapon, and be used to kill people.

Guns are only made as weapons. That is their entire purpose. They aren’t made for anything else. They’re made to kill or wound at a distance.

This really is a very stupid argument, and if it’s the best that groups like the NRA can field, then it baffles me as to why we don’t have sensible gun control in this country.


One Response to “When is a Truck Not a Gun?”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    Yeah. Driving a truck and accidentally hitting someone would be an accidental death. But driving a truck and deciding to hit people on purpose, is pratically killing them. But. Being hit by a truck\car\vehicle is’nt considered natural death or just passing away or having been lost. It’s considered having been killed. Because it is’nt of natural causes.

    They’ve been killed on purpose.

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