A Bit on Brexit

I was still out of the blogging game when the whole Brexit thing went down. I’m still mildly astonished that it happened, but somewhat not. I mean, many democracies, including the one I live in, have a history of voters voting against their own self-interest (see: Reaganomics), but seldom have I seen one that was quite this major.

It really was a stupid vote. Cameron should never have allowed it, and it really is clear that no one who is actually in charge of making it happen wants it to happen.

And there’s no reason it should have happened. The United Kingdom was fine being in the UK. Things were going well for them. They weren’t getting regularly fucked by the organization’s banking system (see: Greece), and were at the top of the economic heap. They had tremendous financial and political influence and now they’ve basically thrown that all away.

What a senseless, stupid waste.

Anyhow, here’s a fun little video on the subject.


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